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Chelco VAT Ltd was formed in 2012 by highly accomplished indirect tax professionals with a combined 45 years of experience in the field.

Based in the business capital of Cyprus, Limassol, it is the first VAT-dedicated service provider on the island and is now widely considered as the undisputed leader in its field. Chelco VAT has founded its success on the fact that it can provide specialised, highly customised and practical VAT solutions to its clients that are based on years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the field.

The firm maintains strong and durable relationships with the island’s key public and private organisations, including the Cyprus VAT authority, as well as professional bodies and decision makers and is frequently consulted on VAT and other industry policy-making decisions.

Chelco VAT position as one of the foremost authorities on indirect tax matters in Cyprus is a highly sought-after specialisation given the island’s unique position as a stepping stone to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Chelco VAT also works closely with an alliance of similarly indirect tax specialists in jurisdictions around the world, allowing it to offer a wide range of VAT solutions to a local and international clientele.

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Our mission is to offer businesses the support they need to function effectively in this complicated VAT environment, which requires a high level of experience and knowledge.

Social and Environmental Responsibility & Corporate Governance

We consider Social Responsibility as a duty every organisation has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the world we live in. A trade-off always exists between economic development on the one hand, and the welfare of society and the sustainability of our environment on the other. Social and environmental responsibility means sustaining the equilibrium between the two. This responsibility can be passive, by avoiding engaging in socially or environmentally harmful acts, or active, by performing activities that directly advance social and environmental goals.

We strive to demonstrate cultural, communal and environmental sensitivity not because we have to but because we want to.

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The Managing Director

Dear Friends,

I warmly welcome you to Chelco VAT Ltd.

With more and more governments turning towards indirect taxes as a means of revenue at a time when cross-border selling of goods and services is rising, the importance of VAT planning and compliance is now greater than ever.

The environment in which the value added tax system operates in each member state of the European Union is particularly dynamic:

  • major changes to the EU VAT legislation have been passed, and there are many more in the pipeline, especially now that the digital business era has arrived and the VAT legislator is still playing catch-up;

  • there are a number of options afforded to member states in EU VAT legislation resulting in important differences on how VAT works in each member state, which make VAT planning, especially on cross-border transactions, increasingly challenging;

  • the decisions of the European Court of Justice affect interpretation of the legislation, and at the same time create new room in which to maneuver and plan transactions;

  • the decisions of the national courts of each EU Members States form a parallel but separate source of how VAT is applied in that state; and
  • the ways in which each national VAT Authority applies VAT legislation is certainly not uniform across the EU, requiring local knowledge of each state in planning cross-border and international transactions.

It is for this reason that Chelco VAT was created in 2012. It operates as a boutique service provider and specialises in strategic VAT planning and VAT consulting. It is also a leader in the organisation of high-level VAT seminars and workshops.

Our philosophy is simple and straightforward. We follow a client-centric approach, are dedicated to analysing the detail and to meeting deadlines. We are also committed to exceeding expectations. Similarly, our like-minded associates across the EU and beyond have been carefully chosen to reflect our unwavering values.

We are here to help. Our specialised staff are ready to advise on VAT planning and VAT compliance. In addition, our broad network of associates across the EU and beyond means that we can provide customised solutions that are tailored for international businesses.

At Chelco VAT, we believe in going the extra-mile. We like going the extra mile. And our clients like it too.

I look forward to your inquiries and addressing your individual VAT needs and challenges.

Warm regards,

Alexis Tsielepis
Managing Director
[email protected]

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