‘VAT: Urgent and Important’ by Alexis Tsielepis

‘VAT: Urgent and Important’ by Alexis Tsielepis

Limassol – Managing Director of Chelco VAT Ltd, Alexis Tsielepis offers his assessment on what lies ahead in Value Added Tax (VAT) in an article in the Financial pages of Greek-language Phileleftheros newspaper on Sunday, 4 July 2021.

Titled ‘VAT: Urgent and Important’, Tsielepis outlines in the article the many challenges VAT currently poses and will pose in the near future on businesses and consumers alike, calling for an immediate, better and more drastic understanding of this ever-so-important indirect tax.

Tsielepis is considered one of the foremost experts in VAT on the island. Recently, he launched a first-of-its-kind in Cyprus expert diploma in VAT called The Diploma in VAT Excellence (DiVE), with classes starting in September 2021.

DiVE is a high-level course spanning a period of 10-months, with emphasis on the Cyprus VAT legislation.

Alexis Tsielepis