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VAT Office operations

As a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures being implemented across all public service departments, the processes and operations of the district VAT Offices have also been affected.

If you need to submit a VAT registration, deregistration, application for the 5% reduced rate for a primary residence or any other document, we would suggest the below.

The district offices are accepting documents, forms and applications to be submitted in closed envelopes, which are then processed internally. They do not stamp office copies and do not provide confirmations of receipt to minimise human interaction to the absolute minimum. You will then be contacted for anything further that may be required.

Our recommendation would be to follow the submission of the hard copies with an email to the responsible person attaching an electronic copy of what has been submitted and requesting a confirmation of receipt as an electronic trail of what has been submitted.

Chelco VAT Ltd is readily available and at your disposal to assist with any of your VAT issues and challenges. Protect yourselves and all others around you. Stay healthy!