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Travel VAT expert delivers seminar in Limassol

Travel VAT expert delivers seminar in Limassol

The Chelco VAT International Academy’s full-day seminar on the Tour Operator Margin Sceme (TOMS) with German VAT expert, Dr. Volker M. Jorczyk and Alexis Tsielepis is well under way at the Columbia Plaza in Limassol.

Titled, ‘The Definitive TOMS: The “Veni, Vidi, Vici” Guide to Travel VAT’ the seminar deals with the treatment of indirect tax for Tour Operators and related professionals in the leisure and events industry.

Although made up of only a few articles in the VAT legislation, the special Tour Operators Margin Scheme for VAT has been interpreted differently across the EU. To offer participants an unprecedented understanding of the scheme, Tsielepis and the German expert are analysing TOMS in detail, starting from its history, its evolution, its success and its problems, its future and more, whilst at the same time providing related examples. The VAT expert duo are delivering a seminar, the level and depth of which has not been experienced in Cyprus before.

Next up on the Academy’s academic agenda is the all-important and all-encompassing topic of the VAT Place of Supply of Services, scheduled to be held on 3 November 2022, again in Limassol. An all-star panel has been assembled by the Academy for the event, which includes renowned VAT experts from the European Court of Justice and the International VAT Association, Prof. Dr. David Hummel and Raymond Feen.

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