What DiVERs Say

Reviews from our graduates of the Diploma in VAT Excellence

"Why DiVE? Because DiVE will take you by the hand and walk you through the entire EU VAT legislation. From the first article to the last one. It will give you the complete picture. And it will provide you with the methodology to handle any VAT question you will come across. It offers you the knowledge and the tools and after that is up to you how far you want to take it.

Alexis has the knowledge, he is willing to share it and he is certainly able to do so. He is also an inspiration, a good person to be around and he can make the journey enjoyable."

Maria Mylona-Michaelides

Head of Financial Services - Sfertos Management Ltd

"When I ponder over VAT, I can think of only one person that has the pure knowledge and passion to teach VAT and this is Alexis Tsielepis. For me, he is my VAT super hero, VATMAN!"

Nicholas Shiakallis

Director - Computantis Services Ltd

"DiVE is an extremely well-structured course, from the teaching material to the general organisation, to the scrumptious coffee breaks. But most importantly, Alexis is a brilliant presenter – engaging, interesting and fun; he made a potentially dry subject, memorable and fascinating. It is hands down the best professional course I have attended and to anyone who really wants to understand VAT, I would say: Just DiVE!"

Stefanos Georgiades

Director - Stratus Associates Ltd

"Over the course of my professional career I have attended dozens of VAT seminars and I have come to the realisation that the only way to obtain a comprehensive understanding of VAT legislation to the level of a VAT expert is to “DiVE”.

Thanks to a very passionate, kind and professional tutor, Alexis Tsielepis, who lead us through a pleasant journey of the VAT directive and 50 VAT cases of the European Court of Justice, I now feel confident to deal with VAT cases that I face daily on a personal and professional level.

Great experience and a unique opportunity in Cyprus for those who want to dive into the enigmatic world of VAT. Definitely recommended."

George Katsoudas

Head of Accounting Department - M. Target Business Consultants Ltd

"DiVE is by far the best professional training course available in Cyprus. The course is intentionally designed to take its participants to the extreme depths of the VAT Directive and hence to expose them both to the academic interpretation of the VAT Directive as well as to its practical implementation. What is indeed notable, is the fact that the course unfolds in a progressive and engaging manner, the exact way that a law module does allowing its participants to develop a holistic and in-depth perception of the VAT Directive. What I want to highlight at this point, is the fact that the way the course is structured and taught allowed me to actually consider and to understand the jurisprudence behind the black letter of the law and to finally put theory into the practical perspective.

What makes DiVE, without a doubt, the best professional training course in Cyprus is in fact the person who created this course namely, Mr. Alexis Tsielepis. Alexis during the past 10 months of this course has proven so noble and altruistic in terms of sharing his knowledge and expertise that allowed all participants to actively engage in the seminars in same manner as in a personal one on one tutorial. Alexis delivered all his seminars with the same zeal and passion as the first seminar and in a manner so engaging and colourful that made a lawyer, as myself without any VAT background and/or experience whatsoever, to understand and actively engage with this topic that in Cyprus is considered to be within the exclusive professional territory of accountants. It has been indeed an honour to be taught by Alexis whom clients recognise as the best practitioner in Cyprus and the industry has rightly inducted him into the hall of fame of the VAT sector.

I personally recommend this course to all professionals in the law profession whether they are actively practising law or being in-house as it provides (and at the time of writing this testimonial has already proven to be) a powerful tool in the arsenal of a lawyer at all stages of a commercial transaction.

Thank you Alexi!"

Angelos Onisiforou

Senior Associate - Patrikios Pavlou & Associates LLC

DiVE is a MUST course to be made by any person dealing with VAT. If I would characterise it somehow, I would say it is a PPP course (similar to AAA in Greek).

The 3Ps stand for:

Perfect Instructor/teacher/coach
Prominent material
Prime opportunity to gain professional skill/knowledge in VAT

Artemis Kyriakou

Senior Advisor - Accounting & VAT Department Kinanis LLC