Cyprus population reaches 864.200

NicosiaAn increase of 1.2% was recorded in the population of the Republic of Cyprus in 2017, compared to 2016, reaching 864.200, according to data released on Wednesday by the Statistical Service of Cyprus.

The total fertility rate, which represents the average number of children per woman, was 1.32 in 2017, according to the figures, and remains since 1995 under 2.10, which is the ratio required to ensure population replacement. In 2016 the rate reached 1.37.

In 2017 net migration was positive (as in 2016) and was estimated at 6,201. Net migration was negative from 2012 to 2015.

The number of births decreased to 9,229 (from 9,455 in 2016), while the number of deaths increased to 5,996 from 5,471 in 2016.

By age, 16.2% of the population was 0-14 years old, 67.9% was 15-64 years old and 15.9% was aged 65 years and older.

Men increased in 2017 to 421.5 thousand, from 416.7 thousand in 2016, while women increased to 442.7 thousand, from 438.1 thousand in the previous year.

The number of households amounted to 324 thousand, while the average number of persons per household is 2.7.

The marriages of Cypriot residents fell to 5,882 from 6,375 in 2016, while divorces fell slightly to 1,932, from 1,948 the previous year.

Population in the occupied north of the island is estimated at 350.000.