Alexis Tsielepis to address webinar on Fixed Establishment

Limassol – Chelco VAT Managing Director and Lead Instructor of the Chelco VAT International Academy, Alexis Tsielepis, will address a webinar on Monday, 4 December 2017 at 11am on the Fixed Establishment (FE) concept in Poland.

The webinar, titled “Fixed establishment in Poland – It is a matter of your concern?” will deal with FE for foreign companies being registered only for VAT purposes in Poland or for those who are planning their business in Poland. It will specifically address current issues connected with FE in the European Union, explained by Polish and European experts, the impact of Welmory case C-605/12 on the interpretation of FE, and also present practical difficulties met by the taxpayers.

At the webinar, which is organised by the Polish accounting and tax advisory firm, the KR Group, Tsielepis will talk about ‘The issue of the Fixed Establishment in Europe in the eyes of the European VAT Specialist’.

Tsielepis will be joined at the webinar by another three acclaimed VAT experts, namely Daniel Więckowski, Tax Manager with the KR Group, Jerzy Martini, Partner with tax advisory firm, Martini & Wspólnicy and Pedro Pestana da Silva, Director of European VAT compliance with Marosa Ltd.

To attend the free webinar, you may visit the KR Group website at or click here.